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Limited Edition CoffeesLimited Edition Coffees
There are some coffees that are just too good to pass up. Exquisite and unique coffees cross our path from time to time and we have made some contacts in the business who are willing to share what they find with us. Often times this can be as little as 30 or 40 pounds, on occasion we might find a two or three month supply. At any rate, these coffees are superb and we are proud to be able to bring them to you...if only for a short time!

Please note, while these coffees are sustainable and farmers are paid well above fair trade minimums for their efforts, these coffees may not carry any certifications. Our supplier is quite reputable and visits each and every one of these farms and cooperatives. We trust our source and endorse these coffees 100%

These coffees are roasted on Sunday night and shipped on Monday morning. If you order this coffee with other coffees, we will ship the entire order on Monday unless otherwise specified.

Ethiopia Limu