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Fair Trade CoffeeFair Trade Coffee
Sacred Grounds Organic Coffee Roasters was one of the original 15 members of Transfair USA. Since 1999 we've featured fair trade coffees in our coffeehouse and online.

Sacred Grounds is dedicated to equitable trading. We know some customers are looking for the assurances offered by the Transfair USA seal, however we are proud of the fact that every coffee we offer come from sustainable, equitable trading partnerships.

Please call us, 1-800-425-2532 if you would like to discuss our green coffee sourcing philosophy.

 7th & Fst House Blend 12 oz. Bag
 Fair Trade French Roast 12 Oz. Bag
Peruvian Cafe Femenino Full City Roast 12 oz.
Humboldt  "37"  Blend 12 Oz. Bag
Timor French Roast 12 oz.